The Department of Physics and CQSE Hosts
The 5th International Workshop on Quantum Coherence, Control, & Computing October 11-13 2018

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Dr. G. Agarwal (Texas A&M)

Dr. J. Bergou (CUNY)

Dr. B. Coish (McGill)

Dr. P. Drummond (Swinburne)

Dr. A. Eisfeld (Dresden)

Dr. Z. Ficek (KACST)

Dr. E. Figueroa (Stony Brook)

Dr. J. Franson (UMBC)

Dr. Hong Guo (Peking Univ)

Dr. M. Hillery (CUNY)

Dr. J.T. Hsiang (Maryland)

Dr. Bei-lok Hu (Maryland)

Dr. Yuping Huang (Stevens)

Dr. A. Jordan (Rochester)

Dr. J. Kestner (UMBC)

Dr. A. Lupascu (IQC, Waterloo)

Dr. T. Meunier (CNRS)

Dr. B. Plourde (Syracuse)

Dr. E. Prodan (Yeshiva Univ, NY)

Dr. X. Qian (Rochester)

Dr. H. Rabitz (Princeton)

Dr. M. Reid (Swinburne)

Dr. M. Saffman (Wisconsin)

Dr. D. Schneble (Stony Brook)

Dr. A. Sigillito (Princeton)

Dr. J. Wang (Stony Brook)

Dr. Tzu-Chieh Wei (Stony Brook)

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